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Bois D' Arc Primitive Skills Camp and Knap-In
at Hulston Mill Historic Park

A gathering dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of stone-age wilderness arts, wisdom and life skills

Co-Hosted by IHALA and First Earth Wilderness School



Primitive Skills Gatherings, Schools, Pages, and Businesses

Dave & Paula Wescott's Backtracks. Home of Wintercount and Rabbitstick Rendezvous Primitive Skills Gatherings.

Prairie Wolf - John & Geri McPherson. John & Geri are true pioneers in the field and authored some of the best how-to books and videos. John now works with the Army Special Forces, teaching SERE School and other military survival instructors.

Primitive Technology Links -  List of primitive skills schools and gatherings

Roadkill's Page of Primitive Skills Gatherings - Pics from Primitive Skills gatherings around the country.

Lost World Archery and Flintworks - Jim Redfearn's beautiful flintknapping art.

Gray Ghost Archery - Larry Maggard's Bows and Flintknapping

Traditional Tanners - Matt Richard's site about everything hide tanning.

Echoes in Time - Leland Gilsen, Dale (Blonde Bear) Coleman, and other Wintercount/Rabbitstick buddies host this excellent July event in Oregon.

Bo's Music

Blackberry Winter Band

Lowdown Fancy


The Undergrass Boys


Hamburger Cows