Educational Programs

First Earth Wilderness School offers a wide range of unique educational programs in stone-age technology, ancient foodways, and nature awareness, either at your location or at First Earth's camp. Our most popular off-site program is a one-hour presentation including demonstrations & exhibits, or choose to customize a program to fit your curriculum needs.

Hands-on instruction is available in several subjects, students take home a finished project. (smaller groups only) Nature study field-trips are available in: plant, bird, animal & insect ID by sight & sound, edible/medicinal/useful plant ID, animal tracking, nature awareness, overview of local archaeology, food web & basic ecology of forests & streams.

Recently, I've had many requests for Edible/Medicinal/Useful plant walks from groups and individuals that want to learn plants on their property or area, these can be scheduled at request. Weekdays are preferred, as weekends are usually booked. An afternoon plant walk is around $200, depending on length and travel time.

Resume, video presentations, worksheets, vocabulary lists, references available on request.

Overview of basic presentation:

  • Discussion of stone-age technology, wilderness survival, and hunter-gatherer activities
  • Exhibition and discussion of display articles
  • Demonstration of selected subjects

  Demonstration subjects:

  • Flintknapping - (making stone arrowheads, knives, axes, and other tools, and see an extremely sharp stone cutting tool made in one second)
  • Demonstration of ancient weaponry, including atlatl, blowgun, bow & arrow
  • Making fire with bow-drill, hand-drill, flint & steel or fire-piston
  • Cordage - (very strong string & rope made from plant & animal fibers, even from a paper towel)

(Stone-age weapons & fire can be fully demonstrated only at an outside location)

List of handmade display articles:

  • Braintan buckskin clothing & moccasins
  • Bone sewing needles & awl
  • Bone fish-hook & plant-fiber fishing line
  • Primitive basketry & pottery
  • Fat or oil lamp made from pottery
  • Bow-drill, hand-drill & bamboo fire-saw (for making friction fire)
  • Fire-piston (fire by compression)
  • Several types of deadfall & snare traps
  • Stone-tipped pump drill
  • Stone knives & spear points
  • Spear points made from a television picture tube
  • Arrowpoints from gemstones such as jasper, agate, opal, obsidian
  • Atlatl & dart (ancient spear thrower used by Paleo people to kill Mastodon, Wooly Mammoth and other Pleistocene Megafauna)
  • Osage-Orange bow & rivercane arrows
  • Cherokee-style rivercane blowgun & darts
  • Rivercane backrest
  • Rawhide cooking pot (for boiling with hot stones)
  • Hair comb/cordage processing tool made from a deer scapula
  • Primitive paint set using finely ground colored stones
  • Large stone axes, spearpoints and hoes

Call or email for program price details