5-day Advanced Instructor-Level Course

Covers primitive weaponry (atlatl, bow and arrow, blowgun construction), advanced tool-making and hafting, glues and adhesives (pine pitch, hide and fish glue), basketry, containers, ember-burned bowls, primitive cooking, tracking/trailing and concealment, shelter, advanced techniques for basic skills, teaching philosophies and methods, discussion of doing this as a business, and any skills or areas you may need work on. $550

Location: First Earth's Camp on the Niangua River. Map will be emailed or sent upon reciept of deposit.  We start at approx. 8:30 am and go till approx. 5 or 6 pm each day, at a primitive camping site with no nearby lodging or facilities. (There is an outhouse and a building for use in inclement weather) And, we'll spend a couple of nights in the bush, away from the camp. Participants are welcome to arrive at the site late afternoon or evening before the class starts the next day, just contact me first.

2018 Dates: April 26-30 is cancelled, may re-schedule at a later date.