Basic Skills Schedule

Learn the most important life-saving wilderness skills: friction fire, deadfall traps, basic flint-knapping & stone tools, cordage (string from plant fiber), edible & useful plants, shelter, water procurement & treatment. $200/person, all work materials included.

Location and Time: Except where noted, classes are held at First Earth's Camp on the Niangua River, map to site will be emailed or sent upon reciept of deposit. We start at approx. 8:30 am and go till approx. 5 or 6 pm each day, the location is a primitive camping site with no nearby lodging or facilities. (There is an outhouse and a building for use in inclement weather) Participants are welcome to arrive at the site late afternoon or evening before the class starts the next day, just contact me first .

2019 Dates: April 13-14, possibly June 8-9